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Recommended Django libraries

My top 5 Django libraries

My two favorite things about Django are Python and the quality of the plugins (which reflects on the quality of Django itself and its community). Here is my personal top 5 of the most useful Django libraries.
March 2016

Developer & marketing

How do you market your skills?

For years I haven't even though thought about marketing myself. I was working hard, caring for customers (I still am :)) - I assumed that was essential and enough to progress and ultimately get better jobs. I used to think …
February 2016

Commenting your code

Commenting more by commenting less o_O

Put 10 developers in a room and ask them what's their religion. You'll get 10 straight simple answers; no debate about the existence of God; no arguments; nothing more than the expressions of their personal belief. Now ask the same …
January 2016

Excuses to not write tests

Haven't you heard these?

Automated testing is an extremely controversial topic. Every developer is aware of how important testing is but some always find excuses not to do it.
January 2016

Chained Queries in Django

Improving the quality of your code by extending models.QuerySet

Writing clean code is as important as getting things working. In this article I'll show you three different ways to handle queries in Django; from worst to best.
January 2016

Python Praise

How I moved from PHP to Python

How I moved from PHP to Django
April 2015

Setup Django on Mac

Step by step guide to get Django working on MacOS Yosemite

I took some notes as I set-up Django and Python on a new Macbook running MacOS Yosemite (10.10). By following these steps, you'll have the best tools available - as far as I know - to code some Django apps. …
February 2015