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Handling statuses in Django #2

Expose transitions to an API

As discussed in the previous article, django-fsm is a great plugin to handle statuses in Django. Let's use it with an API.
October 2016

Handling statuses in Django #1

Choice field & finite state machine

Whether you're building up a CMS or a bespoke application, chances are that you will have to handle some states / statuses. Let's discuss your options in Django.
October 2016

Testing dates in Django

Testing based on dates & datetime

Django makes unit & functional testing easy (especially with WebTest). Tests on routing, permissions, database updates and emails are all straightforward to implement but how do you test dates & time? You might for example want to test regular email …
September 2016

Django to Ember #1

Convention over configuration

If you know Django and want to learn Ember (or vice-versa), this guide is for you. To get started, let's see what happens when a user opens the `/contact` page in both frameworks.
August 2016

Web Randomness

Weird, useless, fun, inspiring or just dumb

The best and worst thing about the Web is that anyone can publish almost anything. In this blog post, let's forget about Wikipedia, Google, GoogleMap, KickStarter, etc. and all these platforms that have a tremendous impact on our lives. Let's …
August 2016

Premature code reuse

Avoid the delusion of code reuse

Reusing code is one of the first thing we learn in the IT industry. It's common sense, code reuse means it takes a lot less effort to get your application on the market. Everyone wants as much code reuse as …
August 2016

Faster Django Tests

Speed-up your Django test suite

Speed is a feature. When it comes to automated tests, speed is critical. A faster test suite means that your team is more likely to run the tests often, to enjoy the fast feedback and to therefore write more tests …
July 2016

Soft Skills review

The software developer's life manual

Have you ever worked with good developers that somehow struggled with money and who were afraid of unemployment? Have you ever worked with terrible developers writing spaghetti code but that somehow managed to get a good reputation and to get …
June 2016

4 types of developers

Which one are you?

There are 4 types of developers, which one are you?
June 2016

Why using factories in Django

Best way to generate data for dev and testing

From the very beginning of a project, you need some data. You need data in your development database and you need data for your automated tests. The instinctive solution is to manually enter a set of data via the Django …
May 2016

The Lean Startup review

Entrepreneurship & Continuous Innovation

"The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries is a book about entrepreneurship and innovation. It describes in great details and via many examples how startups should be lean to be successful.
April 2016

I can't do it, I'm stuck

How to overcome hard coding problems

You've been delivering high quality code for days, weeks, months... and it suddenly hits you; you've been stuck on that one feature or bug for two hours with no success at all. Not only you didn't make any progress but …
March 2016